Café Libre is a site for people who want to live  in environmentally safe, healthy and just communities.  It was started by Lydia Breen, a writer and filmmaker interested in artists/activists and issues concernng enviornmental justice. 
 Currently is working on a series articles about the poor air quality outside schools around the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.  She has worked as a stringer for Newsweek and  written articles  for E/the Environmental Magazine, Grit Magazine, Sojourners, the National Catholic Reporter, the Boston Phoenix, the Louisiana Weekly and others.  She is a member of The Society of Professional Journalists’ freelance committee.

In 2006 Lydia co-wrote Shake the Devil Off, an Oscar-nominated film about St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in New Orleans – a historic,  predominately black church that was threatened with closure after Hurricane Katrina.   The idea for the film came from Lydia’s experience living in New Orleans in the run-up to the storm.  Her contacts with St. Augustine’s  helped her obtain the footage for more than one quarter of the film, produced and directed by a Swiss film company.

For 15 years, Lydia lived in Geneva, Switzerland and a writer and filmmaker.  Her clients included  the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization the International Olympics Committee,  the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Council of Churches and others. She has shot on locations in conflict zones in all world regions.   Her commissioned films as well as  her own documentaries have been shown in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Cafe Libre welcomes comments from readers and contributions from guest bloggers.  Contact Lydia Breen through the  Comment section.



4 responses to “About

  1. Sandra Anderson

    Hey Lydia–Just exploring the website, and as always…………you are totally amazing and consistently full of surprises…always and ever. Talk about inspiration…that is YOU. Congrats and I will write more about The Virgen, as my friends in Tucson working for social justice on the border are just publishing a book called Crossing with the Virgen. Stay tuned…hugs now—Sandra

  2. Thanks Lydia for your great article on Virgin As Spin-Mistress and your comments on Mary Daly.

    As always you are insightful. Your discussion with my class about your work with the UN at Suffolk University compelled students to get involved in anti-poverty work.

    Your friends in Boston and Cambridge wish you well.

  3. Hi Lydia

    great work you are doing here, thanks and look forward to staying in touch!

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