Emily Mendelsohn, Fulbright Fellow, to direct Asiimwe’s play in Uganda

Emily Mendelsohn Photo Credit: Cal Arts' 24700

A Fulbright Fellowship will take director Emily Mendelsohn (MFA, CalArts ’09) to Uganda where she will study how artists use traditional performance to tackle pressing problems in society. While there, she will direct  Cooking Oil, by Ugandan playwright Deborah Asiimwe about the impact of international aid in developing countries.   In previous years Mendelsohn studied  genocide and conflict resolution during study tours offered by Cal Arts and the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Program in Rwanda. (See my post, “Making Art In Troubled Times”) .

While in Uganda Mendelsohn will also  audit courses in peace and conflict resolution at Makerere University in Kampala.

For more on the Fulbright and the production of Cooking Oil see this article in 24700. and check out  this video  featuring interviews with Emily Mendelsohn, Deborah Asiimwe and filmmaker Qadriyyah Shamsid-Deen, another Fulbright Fellow.   All three women are graduates of California Institute of the Arts.


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